About us

Michèle Meier

Since spring 2019, Michèle Meier has been cooking for culinary enthusiasts at KKL Luzern. She has a talent for innovatively interpreting the finest products and preparing them with love. Experience a fresh and authentic cuisine that seems uncomplicated at first but reveals itself to be complex and highly inspiring upon closer inspection. The roots of Michèle Meier’s cuisine trace back to France. In September 2021, Michèle has taken over the management of the Lucide restaurant.

The restaurant

The Lucide restaurant impresses with its lively interior design. The open kitchen with a large chef’s table in front of the pass is a key feature of the atmosphere and provides a glimpse of the dynamic work of the Lucide team.

The furnishing concept is inspired by Lake Lucerne and complemented by carefully selected details. The exclusive Lucide stoneware, was produced by Good Life Ceramics, Zurich and is available for purchase. The same applies to the Lucide silk foulard by Zurich designer Fiona K., which is displayed on the Lucide service team.