About us

Head Chef Michèle Meier and Sommelier Cindy Neubauer

Michèle Meier and Cindy Neubauer welcome you, along with their team, to the Lucide restaurant at KKL Luzern.

In a relaxed atmosphere, anticipate surprising and consistently authentic dishes crafted from select, locally-sourced ingredients from our trusted producers. Accompanying this, we offer a meticulously curated wine list featuring a variety of exciting and unique wines, or a perfectly matched wine pairing, which is also available alcohol-free upon request.

The restaurant

The Lucide captivates with its vibrant interior design. The open kitchen with the large chef’s table in front of the pass significantly shapes the atmosphere and allows glimpses into the dynamic workings of the Lucide team.

The interior concept is inspired by Lake Lucerne, which lies just a stone’s throw away. The exclusive Lucide stoneware, was produced by Good Life Ceramics, Zurich and is available for purchase. The same applies to the Lucide silk foulard by Zurich designer Fiona K., which is displayed on the Lucide service team.