Lucide products

A little bit of Lucide at home

Enhance your home-cooked dishes with the new Lucide products. Freshly prepared with great passion, the products are all made at the Lucide. Whether it’s a gourmet salad dressing infused with herbs, tasty veal jus, or aromatic herb butter in a jar – a true delight from Michèle Meier and her team for all food enthusiasts!

Gourmet Dressing ( 250 ml ) – CHF 9.00
Refined with herbs

Veal jus ( 350 g ) – CHF 38.00
Classics from the French kitchen

Herb butter (75 g ) – CHF 11.50
Aromatic herb butter
(Parsley, lovage, lemon thyme, garlic, rosemary)

We are happy to prepare the products for you in advance.